IsraelElex Israel Election 2019 Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup | November 17

Last week saw no progress in coalition negotiations, Benny Gantz has until Wednesday to form a government before the mandate is given to the Knesset.

Likud and Blue and White continue to blame each other for the current political deadlock.

Netanyahu has warned that Gantz is seeking to form a minority government supported by the Joint List. Netanyahu told Likud Ministers “We are standing before an emergency that we have never had before in the State of Israel, going to a [third] election would be a disaster, but forming a government that is dependent on the Arab parties would be a worse disaster. This would be a historic danger for Israeli security.”

Gantz launched an attack against Netanyahu for refusing to give up on his right-wing bloc accusing him of wanting another election. Gantz wrote the following in a Facebook post. “Apparently, Netanyahu’s desire to win a few more months on the Prime Minister’s chair is more important to him than his concerns for the citizens of Israel. The only way to understand Netanyahu’s behavior is that he wants elections.

Avigdor Liberman, the leader of Yisrael Beiteinu has threatened both current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Gantz to accept the President’s compromise deal or he will support the other side. The deal has already been accepted by Netanyahu, Gantz is yet to do so.

Gantz has indicated that he is prepared to consider compromises as long as they are in line with his party’s perspectives and in the service of the State of Israel.

In order to avoid a third election, the President is expected to meet with a variety of party leaders in order to mediate a solution to the current crisis.

Netanyahu reportedly told Likud Ministers that his recent decision to appoint Naftali Bennet as Defense Minister was purely political and to stop him from joining a government lead by Benny Gantz.

In reacting to the recent operation with Gaza several left-wing MKs blamed accused the Prime Minister of trying to start a war for political advantage, this included Labor-Gesher’s Omar Bar-Lev and Stav Shaffir of the Democratic Union. However, Benny Gantz supported the IDF’s actions.

UTJ Leader Yaakov Litzman has written to the President requesting he speaks out against Avigdor Liberman’s continued incitement against the Haredi community.