IsraelElex Israel Election 2019 Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup | December 1

Last week Benjamín Netanyahu agreed to hold a party leadership party primary in six weeks. This primary will take place after the Knessets mandate to appoint a Prime Ministerial candidate will expire.


Likud MK Gidon Sa’ar who plans on challenging Netanyahu in this primary called the Prime Minister out for not having the primary sooner in hope that Sa’ar could form a government before the current 21-day grace period is up and prevent another round of elections.


Likud MK Nir Barkat has presented a proposal where the party would elect a deputy leader under Netanyahu who will automatically replace him if he needs to step down, this he hopes will prevent another election whilst enabling Likud to form a coalition.


Benny Gantz has again reiterated that he is doing all he can to form a unity government and has called Netanyahu a burden on the Likud.


A new plan was introduced for a unity government, under this initiative Netanyahu would serve as Prime Minister for six months before being replaced by Benny Gantz who will rotate out and allow a Netanyahu return if he is acquitted after a trial.


A law proposing a direct election for Prime Minister in a potential third election is being pushed by Likud MK Karai, meanwhile, fellow Likud MK Mikki Zohar is working on a proposal that would have the election 45 days from when triggered instead of the automatic 90 days.


Hayamin Hechadash (New Right) co-leader Naftali Bennet announced at a conference of party activists that if a new election is to be held that his party will run alone but would open to options for joint lists.


The Attorney General as ruled that Netanyahu does not need to resign as Interim Prime Minister but has rebuked him over his attack on the country’s Judicial System.


Moshe Ya’alon, a senior Blue and White party leader said that they would not be sitting under Netanyahu unless he was acquitted and insisted that Blue and White lead a unity government,


Avigdor Liberman said in an interview that he would be willing to enter a right-wing government if Netanyahu pressured the Haredi parties to accept compromises on specific Religion and State issues.


A group of Likud activists began a campaign against Netanyahu under the slogan “We love you, Netanyahu, but we will prevent a third election”. The activists are hoping that another Likud MK will form a government to prevent elections.


Tomorrow the negotiating teams of Blue and White and Likud will meet again in a meeting hosted by Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein to resolve the deadlock. Edelstein has already been meeting with party representatives in order to prevent another election calling the current situation “a governmental emergency”.