About Us

IsraelElex is your number one source for English-language coverage and information on the 2019 Election in Israel.

We are an apolitical grassroots movement that aims to provide English speakers in Israel and worldwide the ability to follow the election as it develops, make an informed choice as to who to vote for and increase voter turnout amongst English speakers.

We are a group of volunteers with varied backgrounds who made Aliyah from several countries. To enable this project to succeed, we are currently looking for more people to join our team and for partners to help us generate high-quality content.


If you have any questions or topics that you would like us to cover then please contact us


There are expenses involved in our mission to provide election coverage. Currently our entire team is made up of volunteers and we are fronting the money involved ourselves. In order to enable us to continue expanding our media offerings and providing quality content, please consider supporting us.