Kachol Lavan – Blue and White

Blue and White

Bloc. Center


Leader Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid Method of leadership selection Party Founder
Current MKs 35 Method of List selection Appointed by Party Leader

Brief party history

Blue and White is a political alliance between Hosen Yisrael (Benny Gantz), Yesh Atid (Yair Lapid) and Telem (Moshe Ya’alon). If the party is chosen to form the next coalition, Gantz would serve the first two and a half years as Prime Minister and be followed by Yair Lapid for the remainder of the term. During the first term, Lapid will serve as Foreign Minister and Ya’alon as Defense Minister. After the rotation, Gantz would take the Defense Ministry. The technical bloc was explained in statements from leaders of the various factions of the party as a national responsibility to “bring forth a cadre of security and social leaders to ensure Israel's security and to reconnect its people and heal the divide within Israeli society.”

Hosen Yisrael

The party was founded by Benny Gantz on 27th December 2018, soon after elections were called, following months of media speculation that he would be entering politics. The former Chief of Staff of the IDF (Ramatkal) had a cooling-off period of three years in which he was not allowed to enter politics after completing his service. After the cooling-off period ended in February 2018, several opinion polls included his (then non-existent) party as an option and indicated that he could gain substantial support. The parties independent platform is generally unknown.

Yesh Atid

Yesh Atid has held seats in the previous two governments, having sat one in the coalition and one in the opposition. Yesh Atid advocates military service for all Israelis. It focuses primarily on civic, socioeconomic, and governance issues, including government reform and reducing corruption.


The party was founded by former IDF chief of staff and Defence Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon, who resigned from the Knesset in May 2016 having represented Likud in 3 Knessets. His decision to resign from the Knesset followed Netanyahu’s decision to replace him as Defence Minister with Avigdor Lieberman as Yisrael Beiteinu joined the coalition. Ya’alon subsequently decided to form his own party announcing it formally in January 2019. The party had announced a merger with Hosen Yisrael before the Blue and White technical bloc was formed.


Notable party members

Benny Gantz former IDF Chief of Staff and founder of Hosen Yisrael and Leader of the technical bloc

Yair Lapid former TV personality and founder of Yesh Atid

Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon former IDF Chief of Staff and Defense Minister

Gabi Ashkenazi former IDF Chief of Staff